How to Recycle a Light Bulb

The average light bulb is a precarious thing to recycle. Between the glass, wires and filament, most people end up putting them in old boxes. However, there are several environmentally friendly ways to utilize old light bulbs. Providing old light bulbs with a new purpose, these ideas give a whole new meaning to the concept of recycling. Light bulbs can be renovated and used to hold plants, different spices or even figurines. They are a functional addition to any space and a great way to decorate.

Hollowing a Bulb

How to Recycle a Light BulbThe first step to any of these projects is hollowing out an old light bulb. This is a simple task that requires a few household tools and a few safety precautions. The bulb is glass after all, whose ultimate purpose in life is to break one day. Just in case the bulb shatters while being renovated, make sure it’s wrapped in a towel, which will keep all the tiny shards together and out of mischief. Gloves are another good addition to safety precautions. For a step-by-step guide on how to hollow out a fragile piece of glass, check out this great tutorial.


Deck the Halls with Bulbs

How to Recycle a Light BulbHollowed out light bulbs are easily turned into decorative hanging ornaments that can used on a Christmas tree or just to liven a room. There are countless possibilities in creating an ornament. The light bulb can be painted with different designs or maybe in the form of a snowman. For a more elegant look, light bulbs can be covered with lace using mod podge. They can also be filled with glitter, paper shreds or anything else.



Ship in a Bulb

How to Recycle a Light BulbRecycling a light bulb is the perfect chance to put a new spin on some classic ideas. Instead of encasing a ship in a bottle, try fitting it into a light bulb. Being unique and appearing difficult, this idea is sure to impress and baffle whoever sees it. Another way to utilize figurines in a light bulb is by creating snow globes. The empty space can be filled with a tiny Santa Claus, your favorite animal or basically any small plastic figurine. After throwing in some water and glitter, close up the bulb to shake and enjoy.


Spice Bulbs

How to Recycle a Light BulbFor a simple spice rack that’s environmentally friendly, use light bulbs and pieces of cork. Simply fill different light bulbs with an assortment of spices, using corks to close them off. This new take on recycling is a functional asset to any kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and modern. With the right caps, bulbs can even be used as salt and pepper shakers.



Bulb Terrarium

How to Recycle a Light BulbLast, but not least, hollow bulbs are a great way to display plants. Fill the globe of the bulb with adequate water and transform it into a vase. Light bulb vases offer a unique and modern feel to any space. They also are a simple way to decorate and create multiple hanging flowers. Taking it up a notch, light bulbs even can be used as terrariums. Proudly displaying any moisture loving plant and some decorative stones, bulb terrariums will compliment any space are a feat for aspiring green thumbs. For a bulb terrarium tutorial, see this great article.

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