DIY Tool Storage

It’s surprising how many household items can be recycled into tool storage containers. Mostly from the kitchen, peanut butter jars, muffin tins and aprons all provide creative solutions for tool storage. From other parts of the house, shower curtain rings and empty detergent bottles also have their place in the tool shed. Including what they’re used for and how to make them, below is a complete list of DIY storage ideas for screws, nails and other things found around the work bench.

Muffin Tins

DIY Tool StorageThese are a great way to store small parts lying around a work area or cluttering up a tool box. They can easily be mounted under shelves as swing out storage or act as pull-out shelves in a custom made tote. Attaching the tin with a 1/4 by 1.1/2 inch flat head machine screw is the easiest way to create the swing out shelf. A custom made shelf or tote can be made from three pieces of scrap half inch plywood. After building the shelf to fit the tins, attach strips of plywood to act as drawer runners. With labels above each tin, they’re a great way to organize screws, nails and other little parts.

Shower Curtain Rings

DIY Tool StorageNuts and washers collect quickly and are easy to lose. A great way to keep specific sizes and types together is by stringing them through shower curtain rings. These rings hang easily from a pegboard or other surface. Once labeled, they’re the best way to keep small circular objects organized, out of the way and easy to find.



Plastic Containers

DIY Tool StorageZiploc containers and peanut butter jars are a useful addition to any workspace. Both can be easily mounted beneath shelves and to wall surfaces. They’re a great way to store screws, earplugs, nuts, washers and basically anything else. Peanut butter jars are mounted by screwing their lid into place. This will allow the plastic container to be removed whenever needed, but otherwise kept out of the way. Ziploc containers work best with a magnetic strip and several large washers. By gluing the washers to the bottom of the containers, the Ziploc containers become magnetic storage devices that are easily organized and kept out of the way on a magnetic strip.


DIY Tool StorageMounted aprons are a great way to keep miscellaneous organized and within reach. With variously sized pockets, they easily hold glue, brushes, rulers, rags and anything else. The best way to keep an apron stably mounted is to screw a piece of wood into the top corners and then into a door or wall surface.



Oil & Detergent Containers

DIY Tool StorageRecycled oil and detergent bottles are great way to create a nail and screw storage systems. With a detergent bottle, the spout just needs to be cut away. After rinsing it out and giving it a label, the bottle is ready to be a heavy duty collector of nails or screws. When lined up on a shelf, multiple detergent bottles make for an impressive and organized collection of small parts. Oil bottles function the same way, but on a smaller scale. Cutting away one side of the bottle creates the storage container. However, they should be stored in rows and stacked in a specifically designed shelf or tote. A custom tote can easily created using half inch plywood for the shelves and quarter inch plywood for the sides. The shelves should be 2.3/4 inches apart.

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