5 Best Places to Buy a Home

These cities have an extremely low cost of living in an environment of a recovering economy. They are seeing houses go more and more quickly off the market and prices are slowly going up. For a lower cost of living, however, these cities sacrifice crime and/or weather ratings. Just about all of them are rated lowest in livability for crime and some have average temperatures below 50 just about all year. However, all of them have excellent scores for amenities. Food, gas, clothing and other essential items are located where they need to be and found at prices lower than the national average. All of these cities also have an average salary that keeps home prices to minimum when compared to what the average citizen is making. Below are the top five cities in the United States for buying a home.

1. Dayton, Ohio

5 Best Places to Buy a HomeDayton makes its money from industrial and technological research. This city’s technological inventions and ideas have given it a reputation and made the city famous. In Dayton’s service economy, the average home is listed for around 90,000 dollars. The city excels at keeping the cost of living down and necessities convenient. However, Dayton is struggling with crime and education standards.

2. Grand Rapids, Michigan

5 Best Places to Buy a HomeMichigan is one of the cheapest places to live and runs off an economy based around production, creating and exporting everything from cereal to military vehicles. With an average home list price just below 100,000 dollars, Grand Rapids is a perfect place to live despite the colder temperatures.

3. Fargo, North Dakota

5 Best Places to Buy a HomeFargo Survives off an economy based in agriculture and food processing. However, petroleum is another big money maker for the state in general. The city’s average home asking price is around 140,000 dollars. With an extremely low cost of living, Fargo’s only failure is the weather and a yearly temperature average that is usually below 50 degrees.

4. Raleigh, North Carolina

5 Best Places to Buy a HomeAlong with telecommunications, Raleigh makes its money mostly from banking and financial services. Homes in the city are listed at just above 200,000 dollars. Raleigh has high scores all around for livability. Crime comes in as the lowest score, but is still not bad when compared to the rest of the state.

5. Austin, Texas

5 Best Places to Buy a HomeAustin’s claim to fame is an emerging hub for pharmaceutical companies and bio technology. The University of Texas has made the city a center for higher technology, producing more and more graduates entering the fields of engineering and computer science.  Austin’s other claim to fame is beautiful weather. This along with a low cost of living makes Austin an ideal place to live. Houses in the city are listed for 200,000 dollars and the prices are rising while availability is going down.

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