The Toilet Buyer’s Checklist

When needing to purchase a new toilet, an individual is confronted with a variety of styles, sizes and options. It is best to choose the model that best suits personal comfort, space and budget needs.

Master plumber Ed Del Grande is famous for his book and appearances on multiple shows. According to The Republic, he is also an LEED green associate and respected internationally for his advice. To help sort through the options, he has offered his toilet checklist:

  • There are both one and two-piece toilets to choose from. Single piece toilets have the advantage of being easier to clean, but are usually more expensive than their two-piece counterparts.
  • Consider the toilet’s shape as well as the space you have to work with. Toilets with circular bowls tend to be more condensed and fit in smaller bathrooms better than toilets with larger, longer bowls.
  • Toilet height depends on personal comfort needs. For a more comfortable position, taller toilets that are about two inches taller than the average toilet can be purchased.
  • Conserving water and saving some money are achieved by using a high-efficiency toilet that uses less water with each flush than standard models.
  • Flushing options vary with toilet type. Dual-flush and assisted-flush toilets are both available as alternatives to single flush models. Dual-flush means the toilet can perform both a single, full flush and a half flush. Assisted-flush models use air pressure to help supplement the water used when flushing.

Making a list of your preferences will help quickly pinpoint the toilet that fits your needs the best.

The Toilet Buyer’s Checklist

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