The Founding Father of Tradesmen

President’s Day is the perfect time to recognize the ultimate craftsman of American history, the founding father Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was an adept politician and a slave to science. So much so, money was meaningless compared to his search to learn and create. Below are some of his most common inventions.

The Founding Father of Tradesmen

Moldboard Plow

As Secretary of State, Jefferson transformed the industry of agriculture. He invented a plow moldboard at a right angle. This simple action made plows easier to use and more effective. Jefferson’s invention was easy to duplicate and was. The inventor never chose to patent the product. He developed it for the good of everyone and viewed it as a product of common law.

Wheel Cipher

To protect the transfer of delicate messages, Jefferson developed one of the oldest ways to send an encrypted message.  The wheel cipher contains every letter of the alphabet, which turn and spin on a spindle. Safely guarding messages against prying eyes, the invention jumbled messages until someone with the code could unscramble them.

Automatic Double Doors

America’s first set of automatic doors existed in Jefferson’s Monticello, a home he designed and used as an experiment for many of his inventions. He designed his automatic doors to open when triggered by a hidden operating switch under floor. The pair of glass doors was quite a sensation when originally installed in 1804.

Revolving Bookstands & Chairs

Libraries and book stores everywhere owe Jefferson for this invention. He was the first to build a revolving stand uniquely for books. He was also the first to design the revolving chairs now so commonly found in these buildings and everywhere else. Between the two, Jefferson put his mark on the furniture industry for years to come.

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