This Winter’s Best Snow Removal Tools

Today, snow tools are being made stronger and more durable than ever. With innovative designs to help reduce muscle strain and remove snow more effectively, these tools are also easier to use than ever before. Shovels are being designed from better plastics and with metal edges, allowing them to last much longer than just one winter. The best shovels and other tools for removing snow this winter are listed below.

SNO Wovel

An innovative snow shovel, the SNO Wovel is literally a shovel on a wheel. Its design alleviates strain from the back, allowing more of your energy to be spent pushing snow instead of lifting it. This shovel makes even the hardest snow removal projects easier and less time consuming. As for convenience, the SNO Wovel is second only to a gas-powered blower.

Toro Power Shovel

At 13 pounds, this snow blower is designed like a weed whacker. Instead of whacking through grass, this shovel can blow through six inches of snow. The Toro Power Shovel is lightweight solution to messy walkways and smaller driveways, clearing them with only a few passes.

Ames True Temper Snow Shovel

This shovel is designed for portable functionality. Its innovative design provides more leverage and lifting power than most other shovels on the market. The Ames True Temper is also small enough to take anywhere. Extending up to 39 inches, this shovel is the perfect snow tool for any problem, anywhere.

SNO Brum

A snow broom especially designed for cars, this broom’s main feature is an oversized foam head. The SNO Brum is 17 inches long and can easily remove large amounts of snow without hurting a vehicle’s finish. This broom is equipped with a telescoping handle for convenient transport. It’s also designed to push snow away from the user instead of toward.

Calcium Chloride

This chemical is a fast and effective way to melt dangerous outdoor ice. A better alternative to Rock Salt, this chemical does not corrode patios and walkways overtime or with misuse. Calcium Chloride is slightly more expensive, but can save a lot of money in the long run. The flakes release heat as they dissolve and are especially ideal for black ice.

This Winter’s Best Snow Removal Tools

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