Guns & President Threatened with Impeachment

It is no surprise that President Obama and Vice President Biden are on a war path. The president is currently weighing up to 19 different gun control proposals and could have a detailed plan for action announced as soon as Wednesday.

In Congress, Biden continues to lead the gun violence task force. The vice president hopes to have congressional approval in renewing the assault weapons ban, limiting high-capacity magazines and enforcing background checks on anyone showing interest in a firearm.

No president has ever gotten something done without stepping on somebody’s toes. The administration’s advances on more restrictive gun control have met with some very strong opposition and even threats.

The loudest voices of disapproval are coming from the Republican Party and National Association. Some republicans claim the president is guilty of attacking the very beliefs that founded this nation. Such a crime is worthy of impeachment. Republicans have vowed to do just that if Obama acts without approval from the other branches, which he is not required to have.

Agreeing with the White House to an extent, the NRA voices an opinion with a different perspective. Exonerating the president and gun owners, the NRA puts a new villain on trial, the entertainment industry and highly graphic video games. The NRA agrees with the president that gun control and background checks should be enforced. However, from the NRA’s perspective, new laws do not need to be made to see it happen. The laws are already in place and should be put to practice before new regulations are made.
Guns & President Threatened with Impeachment

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