Also known as a gift certificate, a gift card is a prepaid payment card – usually issued by a bank or a retailer – containing a specific amount of money, making it possible for an individual to make purchases within a particular store regardless of the credit score. Gift cards easily play the role of credit cards, although they do not involve the taking of debt, hence, a credit check is not required. They also serve the same purpose as paper gift cards, but there are additional features due to an improved technology. Considering the importance of prepaid gift cards and the role they play, it would be ideal to ensure your gift card is issued by a trusted retailer. is a trusted gift card retailer and we strongly recommend that you register your card using our website. When you register your prepaid visa card with, you would be able to use the card for internet, mail and phone order purchases. The prepaid gift card allows a recipient to make any purchase of your choice with the United States. It is also possible for you to view your current balance and cardholder statements using the website – rest assured there are no hidden charges.
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To ensure your prepaid gift card is functional, give the card to the cashier at the point of purchase, click on “credit” on your screen, and sign the receipt or click on “debit” and enter your pin to make a purchase. Once you make a purchase using your gift card, the amount of purchase is automatically deducted from your balance. Remember that it is impossible for you to reload the card once you have exhausted the balance. Since you cannot make payments above your card balance, it is always ideal to know your balance and let the cashier know so you can use another form of payment if you need to make purchases above your card balance.
Mygiftcardsite also has an incredible customer service that easily attends to all your gift card needs. Our customer service team is well trained in order to provide top quality service at any time you make any inquiries. You can easily contact mygiftcardsite through 1-866-952-5653. Our phone number is always reachable so you can call our representative. This is made possible so that potential prepaid gift card recipients can easily get updates concerning gift card issuance and card balance updates for recipients.
If your gift card is lost or stolen, we advise that you call us immediately. We would require a few details such as your name, gift card number, original value, and transaction history. We can replace your stolen or lost gift card for a fee of $5.95. Always ensure you report to us immediately you find out your card is missing as you would be responsible for any transaction that occurs before it is deactivated. We would love to hear from you as there is no better prepaid gift card retailer you can get in the United States. With mygiftcardsite, you can never go wrong with gift card related issues.
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