Mexico City Goes Green

In the past, Mexico City has always been viewed as a great place to visit and terrible place to live. Too many people with too many cars physically trapped in a small space are never a pleasant situation. Take this situation; put it in a valley and the problem just gets worse. The results are overcrowded city streets covered in a thick coat of smog day after day.

Until recently, a citizen of Mexico City could go their entire life without knowing the smell and taste of good quality air. On average, Mexico City would have about eight good quality air days a year. All the exhaust and waste produced on a daily basis would just collect and hover over the city. Surrounded by mountains, the city’s population would literally sleep, work and live breathing in waste.

Two billion dollars later, Mexico City has proven the impossible to be possible. The city’s good air days now outnumber its bad ones by a hundred. City money purchased various forms of public transportation that decrease emissions and continually improve the City’s air quality each year they are used. Metro-buses and bike-shares were purchased and placed throughout the city.

Then something wonderful happened. The people used them and are continuing to use them. They believe in improving their situation. If not for themselves, they do it to sit an example for their children. Mexico City also added a nine-mile metro line to their system. Giving travelers more space and making them more comfortable, the city is doing its best to make public transportation an attractive option.

Focusing on air-quality, Mexico City has banned the use of older vehicles with poor emissions. Getting these vehicles off the roads not only improves traffic conditions, but makes sure the City has not spent their money for nothing. Its efforts could easily be undone and the people know it. They have tasted clean air and are in no hurry to give it up.

Mexico City Goes Green

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