Regulation Blocks Modernization: Legendary Gunsmiths Starved by Government

The legendary gunsmiths of Darra Adam Khel are famed for being able to produce atomic bombs and air rifles with their own hands using ancient methods. The extent of their mastery is even supposedly capable of producing exact replicas of European rifles that can fool any expert.

Darra Adam Khel is known around the world for munition production and has been the home to over 2,500 talented gunsmiths throughout multiple generations. However, the unregulated and tribal area is anything but capable of living up to the multiple reputations surrounding it.

Gunsmiths of the Pakistani village make their guns from homemade steel, which isn’t durable enough to match the manufactured steel of popular munitions companies. Homemade steel will never be thin enough to support an air rifle or even strong enough to be useful.

Homemade guns equates to no standardization. No standardization means that parts for homemade guns cannot be easily replaced. When combined with delicate steel that breaks easily, the unregulated black market of Darra Adam Khel seems undesirable even to the terrorist organizations they are fabled to support.

Not wanting to damage their good name, poor quality prevents the village gunsmiths from supplying to terrorist organizations and from exporting their goods. Government licensing and regulation prevent the gunsmiths from having a local market.

The government refuses to recognize the market and therefore refuses to establish any training schools or public licenses. This is why the biggest sellers in Darra Adam Khel are pistols, weapons that can be easily concealed from sight. Some village factories even make 9mm imitations, such as the Glock-17.

Munitions production has been the area’s source of economic growth since the 1800s and doesn’t seem to going anywhere. With proper training, the region’s gunsmiths could potentially save their local economy. Demand and supply has been on their side for centuries.

Regulation Blocks Modernization: Legendary Gunsmiths Starved by Government

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