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Electrician (4) 

If you’re fascinated by electricity, wiring and the intricacies of the science that goes into every volt then perhaps a career as an electrician is right for you. Electricians are professional tradesmen employed in a huge array of industries and positions related to the installation, maintenance and repair of wiring, electrical equipment, machinery and components. While a traditional residential electrician is viewed as an independent position handling contract work across the board the professional electrician may also find steady employment in industries such as aviation, automotive, film and television to name a few!

Featured Courses (7) 

Hvac (4) 

HVAC stands for heating, cooling and ventilation systems. These systems include air-conditioners, refrigerators and even heat pumps. Maintaining the appliances most used on a daily basis, HVAC technician will always be needed to keep systems running as efficiently as possible and help save on energy costs. Below is more interesting information about HVAC technicians and the machines they work with.

Plumber (4) 

Water is at the base of our most instinctive daily activities. We use it to wash our hands and help keep each other well. It’s used every morning and night to keep us clean and wash away the filth of the previous day. Essentially, plumbing is one of the oldest professions, dating back since the pools of ancient Greece and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. Below is more information on how plumbers and their profession have a major impact on daily life.

Trades (15) 

People in a trade business are likely to have long hours and even take their work home. Tradesmen are of the most passionate about their work, some of which is very important to everyday functioning and safety.  Below is more information on how tradesmen and thier professsion have a hand in the mundane and the most vital aspects of life.