Haunted Houses: Paranormal Specters or Leaky Seals

Swinging doors and unexplained cold spots are tale-tell signs of a haunted property. Before being accidentally run out of town by leaky windows and cold drafts, be sure to pinpoint the specific locations of any cold spots just to be certain of an actual manifestation. Proving the accuracy of your intuition, the property may be haunted or just cursed with poor seals.  When investigating a home’s paranormal activity, many of the approaches can double in use. Serving as both investigative tools and home improvement ideas, below is a list of ways one can get to the bottom of a home’s unexplained activity.

Meet the Neighbors

Starting up a conversation with the neighbors is a great way to unveil any dirty history that may have been left out during the open house. Neighbors who have l lived in the neighborhood the longest or maybe even all their life should be the most familiar with your home and any previous residents. Directing the conversation toward the past, ask for their insight on the property. “The Changeling” provides a great example of this conversation and how it should be approached.

Quiz Your Realtor

Real Estate Agents may not be required to disclose if a property has been labeled as an alleged haunting site. However, most of them will admit as to whether a residence has been categorized as a stigmatized property.  This is a fancy all-encompassing term that realtors use in the place of murder, suicide or alleged haunting site. Stigmatized properties will appear physically fine despite their heavy emotional baggage.

Look for Cold Spots

A home energy assessment is a great way to save on utility bills. By locating areas of heat loss, it’s also a great way to pinpoint unexplained cold spots and heat sources.

Burn Some Sage

Smudging is an ancient ritual is meant to cleanse houses of negative energy. The upside of this is that you get to keep the good spirits while getting rid of the malevolent ones. During this ritual, pungent herbs such as sage and cedar are usually spread into every corner of the house using a smoke stick. Before getting fired because of it, the housekeeper in “Paranormal Activity” provides a brief example of this ritual.

Observe Animal Intuition

It’s suspected that animal intuition is more sensitive to paranormal happenings than our own. For this reason, it’s important to observe pets for any unusual behavior, including being unusually aggressive or hyper. Look to see if they growl at a particular wall, avoid a certain room or hide under the furniture whimpering.

Haunted Houses: Paranormal Specters or Leaky Seals

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