Green Gifts: Holiday Presents that Keep Giving

By lowering carbon footprints and supporting local vendors, green gifts are the presents that keep on giving. Below are some eco-friendly suggestions that are sure to be loved by both the environmentally and health conscience.

The Gift of Clean Air

Personalized trees are a great gift for environmentally conscience friends. As the trees continue to grow, they become a warm and lasting reminder of friendships. They also recycle air for as long as they live, giving the gift of cleaner air. A personalized tree or even a small desktop terrarium is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

The Gift of Lower Local Footprints

Buying local is a great way to support local artists and businesses. It’s also the best way to reduce carbon-footprints and give back to someone’s community. Local art is a great source of unique jewelry, crafts and work that can’t be mimicked by department store brands. Local vineyards and farmer’s markets are other great sources of gifts that give back.

While out shopping, consider picking up an eco-friendly bag from your neighborhood supermarket. They make great stocking stuffers and are a green lifestyle necessity. Usually available for just a few cents, they last longer than plastic or paper bags, reducing their carbon footprint.

The Gift of Recycled Function

Greeting cards, bracelets and even clothes are being made from recycled and all natural materials. Recycled paper is great for the environment and makes for a personalized greeting card that is sure to stand out. Recycled plastic can be turned into a fashionable and eco-friendly bracelet that can be enjoyed by either gender. Organic jeans and recycled gloves are just two more or the endless possibilities.

The Gift of Being Chemical Free

Organic make-ups and soaps are made from natural ingredients. Completely chemical free, they offer a natural look and experience that’s healthy for all skin types. Health conscious and eco-friendly friends alike will enjoy using them in a hot bath or just for daily hand-washing.

Green Gifts: Holiday Presents that Keep Giving

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