Professional Locksmithing

Individuals who are interested in participating in a program to help them learn the skills necessary to become a professional locksmith may wish to consider Penn Foster’s diploma program in Professional Locksmithing. Students will participate in a total of six instruction sets that aim to teach them both basic and complex career-relevant material.

The first step of this program is for students to learn the actual definition of locksmithing and the employment opportunities that accompany this title. Then, students will learn about the basic types of lock, key parts, and standard tools in the section titled Lock and Keys. In this area, students will also learn about different key characteristics through studying blank and original keys.

The set Lock Mechanisms focuses on the operation of disk tumbler locks, level locks, warded locks, and padlock construction and operation. While learning about this area, students will also explore the way combination locks work.

Residential Locks will instruct students in the installation of key-in-knob locks, rim locks, and deadbolts. The subjects learnt about in this section will typically be the most common jobs these professionals find themselves completing. In this section, training in key duplication by hand and machine will also be covered, as well as how to duplicate cylinder keys.

Another topic will show different ways of opening locks, so students should understand how to make key impressions, implement lock-picking techniques, and how to force open a lock in the event of an emergency. A similar subject in the Home and Business Security section will show students how to heighten the level of security in business and home environments. Students will learn about the way to complete a security analysis, and how to analyze security in industrial settings.

One more place locks are found is on automotives. The Automotive Locks section intends to show students how to replace lock cylinders in doors, ignitions, and trunks, as well as how to service auto lock cylinders. A section in changing safe combination and making keys for safe deposit boxes will also be discussed.

Another subject, Panic-Hardware and Electric Locks shows how to deal with common alarm systems, designing alarm systems, and how to troubleshoot issues with alarm systems.

Those who successfully complete this program should possess the necessary skills and knowledge to enter into this profession.

Professional Locksmithing

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