Professional Cooking

The Professional Cooking course may be the ideal class for those who are interested in entering the food industry. Gaining more background and experience before entering this field may be beneficial for many individuals. Students will be introduced to topics such as preparing dishes, selecting quality food, presenting food, preparing food, and various recipes. A few of the main subjects covered in this course include The Cooking Industry, Planning and Organizing Products, Fish and Shellfish, Legumes & Grains, Baking Breads, and Desserts.

While in this course, students will learn about both contemporary and traditional dishes, and how to prepare and present each. This course shows ways to prepare and cook game, meat, poultry, vegetarian, soup, and dessert dishes from recipes. Students will also be shown how to create their own recipes and dishes, while learning what foods and ingredients complement each other.

Students will not only focus on creating dessert and main dishes; they will also learn how to make dressings, salads, stocks, sauces, dips, and hors d’oeuvres. In order to make any dish, students should be aware of the kitchen tools and equipment that should commonly be found in the space. A basic kitchen setup is essential to all cooking and preparation.

Another important topic students will discuss is food and kitchen safety. Students will learn about food safety, food storage, and preventing injury in the kitchen. Comprehension of proper sanitation and storage methods should maintain a safe kitchen atmosphere.

This course also intends to show students how to calculate costs, create a menu, manage costs, and include proper nutrients and nutrition in their dishes. Students will learn the importance incorporating a balance of both nutrition and taste in their cooking, as both are very important in successful dish preparation. Successful completion of this course should include understanding of the mentioned subjects, as well as the ability to execute the discussed topics.

Professional Cooking

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