Those who are interested in a career in landscaping, or learning more about landscaping for residential purposes, should consider participating in this Landscaping course. This course involves 160 hours of course work, and may be completed in approximately 12 months. The information provided in this course intends to prepare students to sit for the NCCB national certification exam that may allow them to become a Certified Landscaping Specialist (CLS).

This class is broken into five modules: Landscape Maintenance, Starting a Lawn Care or Landscaping Business, Landscape Designing, Landscape Contracting, and The Principles of Design. The purpose of the material taught in these modules is to teach students the topics that should allow them to comprehend landscape management, design, and contracting.

Students will explore the many areas that require landscaping and landscaping design, such as shopping malls, hospitals, business parks, apartment complexes, and residential areas like homes and neighborhoods. Some of the tasks those in landscaping may be required to complete include designing landscapes, shaping trees and shrubbery, raking leaves, mowing, and applying fertilizer and other chemicals.

While these duties are relevant to all those who work in landscaping, actually starting your own landscaping business is a much larger task. This course uses the last module, Starting a Lawn Care or Landscaping Business, to explore different business options with students. Topics involved in this module include money managing, legal aspects, and office equipment.

Successful completion of this course involves comprehending and demonstrating understanding of course material, and being able to successfully perform typical landscaping tasks. Students should also be able to discuss various concepts and methods for landscape design, and be able to understand the characteristics involved in design. Knowledge of the elements involved in landscaping contracting and maintaining a landscape are also required. Finally, students should be able to explain how to start a lawn care or landscaping business.


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