Automotive Technician (ASE) Course

The Automotive Technician (ASE) course is designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in this trade field. Participating in this particular course should prepare students to sit for the certification exam to become a Certified Automotive Technician. This is a three-part course that should provide students with the necessary information to acquire skills that would be beneficial in this position.

Each level of this course package will teach students increasingly advanced techniques and subjects. The new material will build on the previously learned, and both old and more modern methods will be discussed. Some of the more modern topics will include working with electric and hybrid cars, and administering preventative maintenance.

The first level course will provide an overview of this career, and the responsibilities involved. Students will also learn about the necessary skills required in the workplace. Another topic that will be discussed is the common automotive tools and equipment that automotive technicians may use on a daily basis. This level one course will also introduce the preventative automotive maintenance that can be used to reduce the risk of later, more complex maintenance. Other topics that students will explore include automotive engine design, assembly, and service, and the principles of lower end and upper end theory and service.

Those who successfully complete the level two course should understand starting and charging systems, the principles of electricity and electrical systems, and methods for servicing engine performance systems. Students should also understand ways to service computer system components and accessories, and explain techniques for servicing intake and exhaust systems.

The level three course will build on all the previous information learned, while introducing some additional maintenance and servicing techniques. Some of these more complex subjects include manual transmissions, automatic transmissions, and suspension and steering systems. Students will also learn about servicing brake systems and heating and air-conditioning systems.

While this course will not grant certification to students, it intends to prepare them to sit for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) national certification exam required to become a Certified Automotive Technician.

Automotive Technician (ASE) Course

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