3 Easy Remodeling Resolutions

Remodeling projects are at the top of most New Year’s resolution lists. Below are three easy, but commonly forgotten projects.

Better Water Pressure

Faucet aerators are cheap, easy to install and one of the most cost effective home improvement projects anyone can tackle. Weak water pressure usually means longer showers and more time spent bent over the sink. Ironically, weaker water pressure generally means that water is left to run longer in order perform its intended job. This can wreak havoc on monthly bills.

Faucet aerators cost about 50 cents. This little, tiny devices fit right in the top of faucets and are as easy to install as it is to unscrew and replace an existing faucet. Aerators distort the water flow, spreading it out and increasing the pressure. They deliver a better performance for a fraction of the water use, making for a more attractive monthly bill.

Improved Security

Another project not at the top of most people’s remodeling lists, replacing a wood door with a steel model will financially return up to 70 percent of its cost in monthly energy savings. Steel doors are much more secure. Not only will your bank account feel the benefits, but your home should feel more protected and safer than ever before.

Less Headache

Everyone has problem areas. It’s funny how easy it is for junk drawers to become junk rooms. These areas are usually avoided. However, acknowledging them and implementing better organization systems can make these areas less frightening, decrease your headache and add to your home’s resale value.

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3 Easy Remodeling Resolutions

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