Cafemom is the ultimate social network for moms. From topics like pregnancy to fashion, this website has become the number one spot to get advice from other moms from every corner in the world.

The community is specifically targeted to mothers and mothers to be.

It was founded in 2006 by two childhood friends Andrew Shue and Michael Sanchez.

The idea for this project came up after Andrew Shue became a father, he saw how his wife was constantly looking for other moms for support, information and tips.

CafeMom Login

1. The first step is to go to the network’s Log in page using the following link

2. Enter your User Name in the first blank field.


3. You’re almost done here! The third step is simple, just type your password in the second field.


4.Click “Log in”.


5. Finished.

Another way to sign up or sign in to Cafemom is by using the login with Facebook option, simply click “Connect with Facebook” to get in.

Or, you can visit Cafemom’s Facebook page and register directly from there. Their Facebook page is located at the following web address .

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