Buying Green Electronics

Electronics are always at the top of everybody’s list during the holiday season. Whether picking up a new family TV or purchasing a computer for work, below is a guide to smart electronics that give a little more than regular models.


Your best friend when it comes to buying a new television is a little yellow sticker, the yellow energy guide label. This label is specifically designed to inform consumers how a particular model compares to other models in regards to energy consumption.

Purchasing an energy efficient television could save you as much as 250 dollars a year. Since they use 15 to 20 percent less energy than fluorescent models, it’s best to purchase TVs using a LED backlight. The top makers of these LCD-LED models are Sharp and Samsung. Both of these companies market some of the greenest televisions available, saving families anywhere between 30 and 100 dollars a year.


The best computers are marked with an EPEAT label, a sticker ensuring that the product, not only, meets energy star requirements, but, also, contains fewer toxic chemicals than other models.

Designed to be as energy efficient as possible, laptops tend to be a better investment than desktops. Notebooks and tablet are engineered to have fewer energy needs and require only a third of the energy used by desktop models.

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Buying Green Electronics

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