5 Tips for Staying Warm Efficiently

The average household spends close to a thousand dollars each year in heating costs. Helping cut down on the monthly payments, below are five helpful tips for staying warm efficiently.

Body Temperature

It’s easy for a person to feel cold. All that’s needed is an exposed foot. A person’s feet are directly connected to their overall body temperature. Before cranking up the thermostat to do the extra work of warming the floors, consider wearing socks.

Natural Space Heaters

Taking a shower and cooking a meal both generate heat. Instead of funneling it outside through a ventilation system, use it to help warm parts of the house. Keeping the bathroom door open during a shower will allow steam to spread into other rooms. Comparable to a small space heater, leaving the oven door down after it’s just been used is a great way to keep dining areas warm during mealtime.

Thermostat Scheduling

Giving thermostats a break by just a few degrees can cut monthly heating bills by ten percent. The best times to cut it down are right before bed and during extended absences from home. Programmable thermostats cost as little as 30 dollars. Controlling the temperature to your schedule, they can be well worth the price.

Heat Trap

Turning a home into a heat trap is the best way to cut down energy expenses. While running the heat, doors and windows should be shut. Windows should also be covered. Curtains help create barrier, keeping the heat inside and cold outside. When not being used, fireplace flues and ventilation fans should be kept closed and turned off.

Tell-Tale Candle

Candles are not the best source of warmth. They are however great at finding air leaks. When holding a lit candle close to a window, a horizontal smoke trail is a tell-tale sign of an air leak. Caulking and weather stripping are inexpensive solutions to help keep heat inside.

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